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SOLD "Wise Guys" by Angie Rees 8 x 8 - acrylic $375 (unframed panel with 1 1/2" edging)
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rees-portraitANGIE REES is an artist living and working in Calgary, Alberta. She has painted throughout her life and has also trained formally, graduating with a BFA from the University of Alberta in 1990.

The words “whimsical,” “playful” and “eccentric” come to mind in describing her painting style. These imaginative works are extremely well-crafted with rich surface textures and a vibrant, arresting palette. The wit and humour of her clever titles add another dimension to these “visual puns.”


These paintings are based on my daydreams – weird and wonderful imaginings that occur with startling frequency inside my head. I’ve learned how to tap into this place by watching the way children – my own son in particular – so easily suspend their disbelief and go for an adventure.

I feed my imagination a very rich and steady diet of children’s storybooks and theatre and try to indulge its every whim.

I hope my work reaches out and tickles the viewer – provoking his or her inner child.

My rules for making art are simple: “What if . . . ” and “Why not?”

It is so liberating to paint in a world where anything goes and imagination abounds.

Shows at White Rock Gallery:

– Dec 2021: Winter Group Event
– Dec 2020: Winter Group Event
– Dec 2019: Winter Small Works Show
– Dec 2018: The Season of Small Event
– Dec 2017: Winter Small Works Show
– Dec 2016: Winter Small Works Show
– Dec 2015: Winter Open House
– Dec 2014: Winter Open House

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