On Solid Ground, October 2003

Mark Fletcher

Original acrylics

SOLD "The Empty House" 20 x 30 - acrylic $2165 Framed

“The Empty House”
20 x 30 – acrylic
$2165 Framed

This painting picks up on the feeling of a previous painting I did,
which caught a building in landscape sitting in a field saturated
by warm June rains. I enjoy fresh colours and the smell of
the warm ground this time of the year often brings.


SOLD "Storm Clearing Over Trinity Bay" 36 x 72 - acrylic $5500 Unframed

“Storm Clearing Over Trinity Bay”
36 x 72 – acrylic
$5500 Unframed

Newfoundland’s coastal exposure to the north Atlantic is nature in the raw.
The dark outlines of the coastal hills are pressed down against the sea by massive
expanses of sky. I created this piece to emphasize those three components, land,
sea and sky. The minimal use of subject with a loose impressionistic painting style best
illustrated the feeling of that hard environment.


SOLD "Clear Day at Tilting" 24 x 36 - acrylic $2600 Framed

“Clear Day at Tilting”
24 x 36 – acrylic
$2600 Framed

Tilting is a small outpost on the northern side of Fogo Island. The houses are
scattered around small coves, ponds, and salt marshes in a delightful random manner.
The whitewashed clapboard almost glows against the hard blues of the clear atmosphere
that surrounds the island. I wanted to capture that wonderful contrast of the
white against the blue backdrop.


SOLD "Farm Boys' Pirate Ship" 24 x 36 - acrylic $2600 Framed

“Farm Boys’ Pirate Ship”
24 x 36 – acrylic
$2600 Framed

In never ceases to amaze me how bits and pieces of garbage and refuse
from other projects can be reassembled by the imaginations of children,
to become almost anything: in this case scrap metal, wood, and old machine
parts scavenged and collected to build a boat. In a land-locked environment
such as a farm, a youngster finds an escape in the assembly of discarded objects.


SOLD "The Engine Blanket" 22 x 28 - acrylic $2190 Framed

“The Engine Blanket”
22 x 28 – acrylic
$2190 Framed

Anybody who has worked or lived in a rural region knows that working outside on
machinery, buildings or whatever, is a reality. Almost everything becomes a do-it-yourself
project, that continues over several days or weeks. Tarps of all kinds become an essential part
of these projects, ether as shelter, temporary cover, or wrap to keep curious animals out.
Next to duct tape they are every do-it-yourselfer’s best friend.


SOLD "Ed's Grannary" 16 x 20 - acrylic $1660 Framed

“Ed’s Grannary”
16 x 20 – acrylic
$1660 Framed

MARK FLETCHER, C.S.P.W.C., is an artist whose paintings tell us stories: stories learned through living in various communities across Canada while he was growing up. This diversity of background is reflected in the scenes he paints.

In 1974 Mark enrolled at Trinity College School, Port Hope, Ontario and began a casual study of painting and art history. This interest in the arts continued into university and he graduated from the University of Guelph with a Bachelor of Arts, combined major in Geography and Fine Art. This interest later flourished into a fulltime career. He has studied at the Canadian Arts School in Florence, Italy, and the Instituto Allende in Mexico under the Javier F. Sauza Art Scholarship.

In 1986 Mark was elected vice-president of the C.S.P.W.C. (Canadian Society of Painters in WaterColour) and in 1987 he was elected to the Board of Trustees of the Gallery Stratford.

Mark has had several solo exhibitions in Ontario, has exhibited in Ontario House, London, England, and was one of three Canadian artists invited to exhibit at the Lotte Gallery, Seoul, South Korea. He has been the recipient of a number of awards. His work was among those selected for the Diamond Jubilee Collection presented to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II for the Royal Collection of Drawings and Watercolours at Windsor Castle. His paintings are found in a large number of corporate collections.

Mark has his studio in St. Marys, Ontario.

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